Active Member

Any professional nurse of Philippine ethnic origin, who has been granted a license to practice as a registered nurse in the state of Wisconsin.

Associate Member

Any licensed nurse of non – Philippine ethnic origin, non – practicing or inactive Filipino nurses, retired Filipino nurses, student nurses who are currently enrolled in an entry level nursing program.

Honorary Member

Any outstanding leader in Nursing and allied fields who has made a valuable contribution towards the achievement of the association’s objectives and nursing profession. Conferred by two – thirds vote of the Executive Board.

* PNAA shall not discriminate against any applicant or member on the basis of race, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion or handicap.

Complete the Membership Application here:

You become a constituent of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA).PNAA is a member of the National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Association.

Along with over 10,000 Filipino American nurses in the United States, you are represented in various professional organizations, government agencies, community groups and other coalitions.

Joining provides you with opportunities to connect with experts in your own specialty as well as professionals across other disciplines, at the local, state, national up to international levels.

Members can avail of special rates at our educational programs and will earn contact hours. Receive discounts on events like:
PNAA Annual North Central Regional Convention
PNAA Annual National Convention
International Nursing Conference

As a member, you are eligible to run for office and serve as chair or member of a committee. You have the privilege of serving as delegate, officer, committee member at the regional or national level. You can vote on important issues, help make decisions and actions that will impact Filipino – American nurses across the country.

As a member, you are duly recognized for your contribution. You can qualify for our chapter’s Annual Leadership Award and Scholarship Award. You will also have a chance for our annual Reward and Recognition program. You are eligible for nomination on awards at the PNAA level for clinical, education, leadership, community service and research. Qualify for scholarship offered by PNAAF.

You have the opportunity to share your knowledge as a subject matter expert volunteer to compatriots in the Philippines in a series of lectures at a chosen school or hospital thru the PNAA Nurse Balik-Turo, a PNAA “ teach back and give back “ program.

You will receive the official publication of PNAA and have access to Inside PNAA News online edition.